Hello There!


I'm Tess - A professional artist with a primary focus in Concept Art & Illustration. 

As a native from Colorado, I've always found inspiration in nature and joy in the arts. Growing up, I was a prolific and imaginative kid. I made up characters and played out their stories with my friends in the woods.


Eventually I became more serious about my own craft, and with practice and patience I became the artist I am today! 

My strengths are in:

  • Digital & Traditional Painting,

  • Anatomy & Figure Drawing,

  • Character & Creature Design,

  • Environment & Layout Design,

  • Illustration & Graphic Design

  • Color Theory,

  • Light & Form,

  • Shape Language,

  • Composition,

  • Typography,

  • Apparel Design,

  • and basic 3D Sculpting & Texturing.

Thanks for stopping by!

2010 - present
2010 - present

© 2021 by Tess Brownson. 

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